Moto X Style replaced the HTC One Max

About two months ago I replaced my worn on a new smartphone. Moto X Style replaced the HTC One Max. It is true that on the horizon you can see already a newer Moto Z, and other manufacturers showed flagship with better specifications, but still want to consider purchasing Lenovo.

As I said in June, HTC One Max was the first smartphone with Android, which endured two years. Previously, I was not very pleasant adventure with a few Samsungami. I praised myself for the iPhone 4 and 4S. When I saw the decision to purchase new equipment have reflected primarily the acquisition of LG G4 and one model of the Lenovo Moto X. The basic criterion was the size of the display. I got used to “discus ping-pong”. I did not want to go below 5.5 inches.

After a quick reconnaissance choice fell on the Moto X Style. For a moment I thought of a cheaper model Moto X Play, because I had no pressure on QHD screen. Finally they decided to parameters such as CPU (Snapdragon 808 against 615) and RAM (3 GB vs 2 GB).

The Moto X Style fell after the turn on the device. Google Now Launcher, which I used anyway HTC made me feel at home. At the same time felt was a leap in performance compared to the previous device. Convinced me also design handset. After a great-sounding stereo speakers, the Taiwanese phablecie, I was glad that the Moto X play even better. The icing on the cake was a trifle, launching the camera application through the gesture of the wrist. This is probably my favorite feature in X Style.

Moto X

I was in the hands of hundreds of smartphones, so I assume that the authoritative opinion about them can form their after two or three months of use. That was also the case here. There is no perfect phone, and sooner or later we will find defects.

1. Heats up more than my previous smartphone.

First I discovered after a few days. It is the heating of the smartphone. No, it does not burn, does not cause much discomfort, but compared to my previous model quickly sense the difference. Initially I scared and started to search the forums. Under the slogan “overheating moto x pure / style” can be found in Google multiple threads.
Depending on the sensitivity of users to radiant heat extremes we read the reviews – after the disqualification of admiration for the great work of the unit. The truth lies in the middle. For several weeks, I watched and watched the work of the smartphone application CPU-Z as increases CPU temperature and battery. I installed also for comparison, the same program on two store copies available on the “islands” Lenovo at the mall. My work the same as the others.

So how? The phone’s battery reaches a temperature of up to 43 degrees Celsius. Interestingly the most growth occurs when you use Chrome and prolonged use of the camera. Statistically, during normal operation, switching between multiple applications, the counter is 36 to 38 degrees C. The processor achieves an average of 45-50 degrees. Silicone “plecki” device can be warm, the screen also, but it happened to me, despite the aggravating task that grew hot.
Initially, a method of transferring heat to a new smarfonie I irritated. Heat to all that I had, but this probably more. This was until a friend showed me how to work the LG G3. During normal usage warm up noticeably. CPU temperature reached over 70 degrees. Screen nearly burned. About this case, you can say confidently that provides unpleasant feelings.

2. Millisecond trim, but is guilty of Facebook.

No, Moto X does not hang up, running very fast, smoothly and reliably. Obsessional performance appreciated from time to time at slowing milliseconds. The culprit is, as noted earlier, moreover, Mateusz Nowak , the applications of Facebook. It’s Facebook and Messenger cause that decreases pleasure to use smartphone. The second application is the only one who “froze” twice equipment for 4-5 seconds. Wine is not, therefore, probably on the side of Lenovo, but because of reliability should mention this.

Moto X-2

3. During the day I have to recharge the battery.

The length of the work on a single charge is the third flaw. Smartphone I often recharged during the day. This happens when I use it intensively. Fortunately, there are two elements that compensate for the inconvenience. The first is a fast-loading, “filling” the battery in less than two hours. Hold the unit for fifteen minutes give us a few hours of work. The other thing worth noting is the low power consumption in standby mode. At night, Moto X loses 3 to 5 percent.

So many flaws, ladies and gentlemen. Seriously. If we are to cling to us a little irritate the lack of ability to block numbers from the dialer. However, this issue stockowego Android, in which Lenovo does not interfere much. Some upsets quite low in the application functions of the camera. Mi its minimalism is responsible, said the gesture was turned on wrist it is great.

Three drawbacks, one of which occurs probably the fault of the software vendor? It’s a great result. It is true that soon the market will appear Moto Z, but Styles Moto X is still a phone that is worth taking into account. Especially when our fetish are not benchmarks, and the need to have equipment with the latest hardware.

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